The BJs Set a New Series World Record

Dennis Hacker Adult, MOUSBC Leave a Comment

For decades, the greatest team in bowling history—the famed St. Louis-based Budweisers, comprised of Missouri State HOF’ers Dick Weber, Ray Bluth, Tom Hennessey, Don Carter, and Pat Patterson, held the 5-person team series record with their immortal 3,858. If you were a bowler over the years, it was one of the easiest numbers to remember. It was a record that stood for an incredible 35 years and 11 months before it was finally broken. However, with bowling’s scoring explosion since the 1980s, that number has subsequently been beaten numerous times.

But, on Thursday, March 10, at Show Me Lanes in St. Louis, a Missouri team took back that record just two days shy of the 58th anniversary of the Budweisers’ great night. These bowlers enjoy Thursday nights together and have for a while, but that Thursday was special. The team of Jay Bradshaw, Jana Luden, Jim Luden, Linda Bradshaw, and John Bogacki, Jr. posted an outrageous 3,986 for 3 games.

Just a couple of additional notes on this performance. Since the team featured three men and two women, it also broke the record for a team with that line-up of 3,878—by 108 pins!

And then, and this is not to make any of them feel bad, but there’s the “what might have been.” The team had a chance at 4,000 going into the final frame, but Jay Bradshaw’s solid 8-pin and Jana Luden’s 10-pin did them in. They also had two open frames during the night.

The Board of the Missouri State USBC congratulates this group of bowlers who make our state proud–and bring the record back home, where it belongs.

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